Travel Back in History...

Travel back in history on the Yukon River with experienced river guides and campers.  The beauty of the Yukon and the stories of the region will be presented from a comfortable heated enclosed aluminum River boat.  Designed to host up to six guests with access to outdoor viewing as well as seating inside with large windows to view the scenic route.

The mighty Yukon River has its headwaters south of Whitehorse and travels north toward Eagle, Alaska then due west through the state of Alaska to empty into the Bering Sea. Many have heard of the Klondike gold rush and the many stampeders who traveled through unthinkable hazards to get to the gold fields and strike it rich. Gold fever!

Wildlife, the scenic landscape, the vision of Dawson City’s moosehide slide as we come around the corner on the final lap will all be a part of the experience.  What the gold seekers would have seen decades earlier but without the hardship!   Each day will bring different weather, different sights and different visitors also exploring the river.

Come along and travel back to a time of fur traders, First Nation’s fishing camps and mining that will be safe, comfortable and fun.